Friends of Elkin

Tennis courts
rehab project

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

– Arthur Ashe

2022 court repairs needed

New Tennis Championship Signs

Current sign is falling apart.

New Drinking Fountain

Current drinking fountain is rusted out and leaks. Possibly replace with bottle filler.

Cracked Courts

Six of the eight courts have cracks that are growing each year.

Roller Tubes Need Replacing

Cracked and largely non-functional.

Pay to Play Light Boxes Broken / Disrepair

Replace with LED lights to improve lighting and reduce electrical costs. There are apps now where public can pay online to have lights turn on.

Tennis Backboard Needs Replacing

Starting to rot with a hole in the middle.
Update 03/01/22: Funds raised ($7000). New board purchased and being installed now. Pictures forthcoming.

history of elkin tennis courts

The Elkin Tennis Courts have a long history of tournaments and community enrichment.

Fundraising initiatives

How will we raise the funds?

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